Why It Matters

We Help The People In Our Community

As first responders, we often encounter people on their worst day. Whether they have been injured, lost a loved one, or experienced property damage, their need is great. We want to help the people in our community, and it’s hard for us to walk away leaving the victim in their darkest hour.

That’s why we formed Southport Cares. Southport Cares brings first responders and the Southport community together to provide support to citizens in need and show them that they are not alone.

Southport is an amazing community. People sincerely want to help others in need. But knowing where to start or how to help can be a challenge in today’s disconnected society. Every case Southport Cares takes on has a corresponding incident number, so you know that this is genuinely related to a true emergency.

In fact, Southport Cares has taken steps to help many local businesses and people in Southport, whether it’s a major emergency, like an accident or fire, something that affects the whole community, like a hurricane or the pandemic, or something more personal such as injury or the loss of a loved one.

Southport Police Helping


As first responders who work and/or volunteer in Southport, we want to thank our local community for all your help and support each and every day. We are blessed to be in such a great community.

Stories Of Hope

Good things can come out of a catastrophe. That is what we believed when we formed Southport Cares, and the community proves our belief every day when you come out to help your fellow man. We hope you find as much warmth and inspiration from these stories of everyday heroes as we do.


Hometown Heroes

Southport is your home. Show you care by becoming a hometown hero!

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