Who We Are

SC Shield

We Are A Community. We Are Southport.

We are your first responders. We are your neighbors. We are business owners, and we are business supporters. We are your colleagues, your friends, your family. We are Southport.

Southport Cares is a group of local emergency responders who use our skills and resources to identify those most in need, and discreetly provide an opportunity for the community to offer support. We want to enable others to lend a helping hand to our neediest community members.

Southport Cares Works To:

  • Southport Cares Shield

    Get People Back On Their Feet

  • Southport Cares Shield

    Engage the Community in the Right Way

  • Southport Cares Shield

    Bring the Entire Community Closer Together

Mission Statement

Our mission is to activate and empower the community of Southport by helping community members who are in crisis. Southport Cares unites first responders with the greater community to identify those in need, provide them with support, and show them that they are not alone.


Vision & Values

At Southport Cares, we envision a Southport where the community is united in a purpose: that no member of the community goes through a crisis alone.

Social Responsibility

Empowering Recovery

Building Community


Our Leadership

Founded by life-long volunteer firefighter Tom Lott, Southport Cares is operated by former and current Southport volunteers and emergency responders...


Southport Cares has worked tirelessly to support and provide for the community. Here are just a few ways we’ve helped and continue to help the city of Southport and more.

Our Volunteers

Our volunteer team is made up of members of the Southport Police, Fire and Rescue Departments who not only serve their sworn duties each and every day, but also have a passion for the safety and well-being of every resident and visitor to our Community. 

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