What We Do

SC Shield

Supporting Southport

Southport Cares provides a variety of assistance services to our neighbors in their hours of need. Every last penny we receive from generous donations made by community members helps support our cause and allows us to provide for those in need.


Get People Back On Their Feet

Donations from generous Southport residents allow Southport Cares to offer support to neighbors in exceptionally dire need. Cash donations become gift cards for groceries and supplies, gently used clothing offers comfort to those who have lost their own, car seats give families in need the security they need to keep their babies safe. We strive to turn every ounce of the good we’re given into even more good for those who need it most.

Give back to the Community in the Right Way

Southport Cares trains first responders to watch for signs of need, giving our team of volunteers a unique way to engage a neighbor in the way they need most. There’s no spotlight, no fanfare, no fireworks or giant checks with balloons. Instead, we connect the Southport community with a neighbor in need discreetly, only giving them what they need to get through their hard times.


Bring the Entire Community Closer Together

Southport Cares was founded for the community at large. First responders see some truly terrible things in our line of work, but we also get a first-hand look at the miracles a community can create by working together. Offering a simple way for Southport residents to lend a hand to a neighbor in need is our number one goal, because supporting your community should be everyone’s first response in times of need.

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