Vision & Values

At Southport Cares, we envision a Southport where the community is united in a purpose:
that no member of the community goes through a crisis alone.

Southport Cares About Community


First responders are often the first to the scene of the worst day of a community member’s life. We feel a responsibility to call attention to when a community member is in need. We respect their privacy while facilitating a way for community members to provide aid. 

Social Responsibility


We believe that the job is not done when the ambulance drives away. For many of the people we help, that is just the beginning of their distress. With the support of the community of Southport, we empower those in need to overcome their current circumstances, get back on their feet, and begin their journey to recovery. 

Empowering Recovery


We believe that the secret to a healthy community is being there for each other. We believe that helping someone to not feel alone in their darkest hour is even more important than any money or things. We give back to the community of Southport by embracing the fact that we are all part of something greater when we work together.

Building Community

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