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As first responders, and especially as firefighters, seeing the faces of the children at a burn center hits close to home.

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Support the Burned Children’s Fund

One of my worst memories is seeing the faces of the children waiting to be treated at a burn center. I was being treated for burns I got in a house fire for another department. Even though I was suffering and hurting pretty badly, the memory that haunts me the most are the children I saw going through the endless and painful treatments for the burns they had incurred.

These kids had burns from hot water, stovetops, chemicals, outside fires with flammables, you name it. Most of the burns were accidental, but some…some were intentional, and I don’t like to think about that. 

That’s why the North Carolina Firefighters Burned Children’s Fund is so important to me personally. Of course, we all care about injured kids, I know every single person reading this wants nothing more than to help those children recover back to full health. But as first responders, and especially as firefighters who have lived that same pain first-hand, it’s very close to our hearts.

One of my worst memories is seeing the faces of children waiting to be treated at the burn center.

Message from Tom Lott – Southport Cares Board Chairman.

The Burned Children’s Fund’s Aluminum Cans for Burned Children (ACBC) is an amazing recycling fundraising program that lets community members donate their aluminum cans to firehouses or directly to partnered recycling plants. These cans get donated on behalf of the ACBC program, and money goes straight to them so they can help more child burn victims. 

Please consider donating in any way you can to this truly worthy cause, and remember to teach your kids fire safety and awareness. Preventing fire-related injuries is the best thing we can possibly do for our kids, and so is giving what we can to those who need it. 

Learn more about the NC FFBCF at their website: 

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