Stories Of Hope

A Community Effort

Good things can come out of a catastrophe. That is what we believed when we formed Southport Cares, and the community proves our belief every day when you come out to help your fellow man. We hope you find as much warmth and inspiration from these stories of everyday heroes as we do.

Making the Teamwork Dream Work

Caswell Beach helped organize efforts to assist this family and worked with Southport Cares to help the family when they were down on their luck
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Group photo of 1st Responders

Southport Cares Builds Handicap Ramp for Citizen in Need

As a team of emergency responders, we know that emergencies are when we do some of our most important work. But that isn’t the only important work that we do.
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Coming Together For One Another

Southport Fire, EMS, and Police Departments, along with neighboring agencies, responded to a residential house fire off North Howe Street yesterday morning.
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Coming Together After a Disaster

Natural disasters can do a really funny thing to a community. They remind us that helping each other is the most important thing we can do.
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Support Kids In Need

Support the Burned Children’s Fund

As first responders, and especially as firefighters, seeing the faces of the children at a burn center hits close to home.
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Conquering COVID in Southport

How Southport Cares pivoted during the pandemic and helped a lot of local businesses get through a tough time.
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Groceries and a Big Heart

We tell the story of how Southport Cares got started with a humble grocery cart.
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