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Building Community

Southport Cares is dedicated to bringing the community of Southport together. We do this by holding community-wide events such as clothing and shoe drives, firehouse dinners, and other events. It is our hope that by helping others within the community, you will feel a closer connection to the community itself. And one day, if you are the one who needs a helping hand, you will know that we are here for you as well.


Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Not all emergencies are large. Sometimes it’s just about putting food on the table. Southport’s First Responders are often the only people to step into a distressed community member’s home. Our first responder volunteers keep their eyes open to identify when there is a need to be filled. 

Whether it is helping to fill the cupboards for a family in financial distress, or checking in on family members while their loved one is in the hospital, or adding ramps and support bars for a handicapped resident who cannot easily get around their home, Southport Cares is on hand to make sure these community members in need know that they are not alone.

Conquering COVID-19

Local businesses are the heart of the community. Southport Cares is working to help businesses and people in town impacted by the Coronavirus.

Southport Cares Shield

When we launched Southport Cares in early 2020, little did we know that Covid was knocking on our door. We saw this as a perfect time for us to rally with the community and help our neighbors, businesses, and their employees in need, especially in the early stages of the pandemic.


Disaster Relief

When disaster strikes our community (or neighboring communities) we all band together to help out. Whether it is dealing with the impact of a hurricane, or recovering after a major fire, or providing relief in a pandemic, Southport Cares is here to help get through it as a community. 

We step in to help in small and large ways, from giving direct relief checks to a local business after a hurricane destroyed it to holding a drive for families affected by a local school building burning down. Southport cares is here to help the community, because community matters!

Other Programs We support

Annual Shop-With-a-Cop

The Southport Police Department runs a program to help buy toys for kids during the holidays. The campaign supports parents who need assistance with buying their kids toys for the holidays. It is a great time for our police officers to bond with kids and families in the community, and our local citizens and businesses rally around this cause every year.

Car Seat Safety Checks

The Southport Fire Department conducts regular safety inspections for vehicle child safety seats. On occasion, and for people in financial need, we also replace seats that do not meet standards free of charge so that a child’s safety is never put at risk.

Southport Fire Dept. Sponsors Child Burn Fund

The Southport Fire Department is a sponsor of the Firefighter’s Burned Children Fund. We accept donations and also collect aluminum cans that are cashed in to help support the cause. The trailer is staged in the back parking lot of Southport Fire Headquarters at 1011 North Howe Street in Southport.

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