Our Volunteers

Together We Change Local Lives

Our volunteer team is made up of members of the Southport Police, Fire, and Rescue Departments who not only serve their sworn duties each and every day but also have a passion for the safety and well-being of every resident and visitor to our Community. 

Because of the unique nature of our organization, Southport Cares volunteers are all first responders. We train our first responder volunteers to identify a family in need. This could include utilities being shut off, bare cabinets, untenable living conditions, and other factors. 

Once a first responder has referred a neighbor in need, we get to work. We determine what this neighbor needs most, and call on the community (that’s you!) to offer support. Our volunteer first responders deliver your generously donated supplies to remind them they are not alone.

We strive to protect the identities and privacy of the community members we help, which allows us to provide discreet assistance, unsolicited. We thank you for respecting the identities of the people we help.

Become a Volunteer First Responder

Southport Cares operates wholly on donations–donated funds, goods, food and more are crucial. So is donated time. If you’re looking to help out in an even bigger way, consider becoming a volunteer first responder. Civilian volunteers are so important to community success, and we can always use more helping hands. Check out the links below for a few ways you can get started with your volunteer journey:


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