How It Works

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Emergency Measures

It starts with a call.

Each 9-1-1 call placed in Southport is our chance to do more–it’s the first step of what makes Southport Cares work. Every person our organization has helped has been on the other side of that phone call, asking for help in their time of need. And when that help arrives, Southport's first responders assess the situation and discreetly determine if more help is needed.

Key indicators like bare cabinets, turned-off utilities, and other common signs of diminished living conditions give our volunteers an idea of who could use a helping hand.

When a neighbor in need is identified, a first responder will use the case number associated with their 9-1-1 call to refer them to Southport Cares for outreach.


“The board of Southport Cares retains the full right to select and/or share information on the recipients who we choose to support. In certain cases, there may be pending issues which require further investigation/inquiry and/or confidentiality that cannot be compromised”

Secure Giving

Every case we take on is referred by a Southport First Responder. So you know it's a legitimate, local emergency. No scams or misleading diversions.

Southport Cares Shield

Tax Deductible

As a registered 501-c3 charity, your generous donation gives a little back in your tax-deductions at the end of the year.

Non-Profit Organization

Southport Cares is an independent 501c3 non-profit organization. We are 100% volunteer-run with no overhead, allowing us to put every dollar donated towards our cause. 

This is important for several reasons. If you’re thinking about donating, chances are you’ve donated to similar causes that spoke to you. Maybe even a GoFundMe or other form of crowdsourcing fundraising. That’s how survivors of tragedy have recently found to be a successful way to get back on their feet. But crowdsourcing platforms take a percentage of each donation for their own profit, and aren’t tax-deductible. 

As a registered 501c3, every donation made to Southport Cares is tax-deductible, and because we are completely volunteer-run, none of the money we take in goes into any of our pockets. Everything we receive is put right back into furthering our cause: uplifting those we see in the most need, and bringing the community together to rally behind them.

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