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A Community of Heroes

As a team of first responders, we know heroic acts when we see them. And we know that heroes aren’t just the people running into burning buildings or performing CPR–they’re also our neighbors and loved ones giving whatever they can to help someone in need. It is so important to us that we honor that generosity.

Hometown heroes are local Southport community members and organizations who share some of what they have every month. Recurring donations are crucial to our success as a non-profit, and we are so humbled by all of our monthly donors.

Become a Hometown Hero

Looking for a way to support your local community? Consider a monthly donation to Southport Cares! Every single dollar we receive supports our efforts to bring community aid to neighbors in need, and donations of any size help make that happen. Click the link below to start your monthly support.

Commit To Southport

Southport is your home. Show you care by becoming a hometown hero! Start your recurring monthly donation today!

Southport Cares Shield

Make a Difference

Your support truly makes a difference in the lives of your fellow Southport community members.

Thank You To Our Southport Heroes


  • Allan Rogers
  • Barbara VanSlyke
  • Bonnie Gallant
  • Bruce Bland
  • Carol Creamer
  • Casey Baldwin
  • Cathy Lally
  • Chris Clarke
  • Cynthia Easton
  • Dawn Spagnoli
  • Dawn West
  • Debra Mielke
  • Diana Tursi
  • Diane Benzie
  • Diane Kelly
  • Douglas Donaldson
  • Elizabeth A Papesca
  • Elizabeth Miller
  • James Poppe
  • Janet Banks
  • Jean Beadle
  • Joan Dickson
  • Joanne Allen
  • Joseph Shoaf
  • Ken Vogel
  • Kim Russ
  • Kristina James
  • Lindsey Miller
  • Lora Sharkey
  • Martha Cabral
  • Mary Baker
  • Mary Joice
  • Matthew Green
  • Nancy Archibald
  • Phillip Stewart
  • Robert Abel
  • Sandra Reibert
  • Scott Murchie
  • Siegfried De Smedt
  • Sue A Rucinski
  • Teresa Cohen
  • Teresa Martinko
  • Terri Williams
  • Thomas McAndrews
  • Thomas Miller
  • Yvonne Schweizer
  • Zachary Duke

This is just a partial list of the many, many Southporters who have donated their money, materials, services and more to 'pay it forward' to the community. We thank you all for your generosity and compassion. We are blessed and overwhelmed with all of your support!

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