Southport Cares -- A New Intent

Our plans were to launch a second charity after we launched Southport Cares. That charity was to be named “Conquer” with the intent to conquer one issue at a time facing our community. Well, right as we were about to launch Southport Cares, the coronavirus showed up at our doorstep.

At the time of this writing, Brunswick County only has 4 confirmed cases, but the virus is spreading rapidly and businesses and people everywhere are impacted. Southport is no exception, with restaurants closed or significantly down in business, employees in hospitality and many other industries impacted by either layoffs or other significant restrictions that are clearly impacting the welfare of our citizens – even before the actual virus has hit our town.

While Southport Cares was formed with the primary intent of helping those we come across on police, fire and/or medical calls, we stand ready to adapt to help citizens, businesses and employees in need to help get through this current crisis. We are reaching out now to local businesses and people in the community to see how we can best come together as a community to help our neighbors that may be in need.

We will provide updates on efforts to help through social media and on this site as needed. In the meantime, please continue to pray for all those impacted and support local businesses and citizens as much as possible. In the end – we are neighbors helping neighbors when they need us the most. Community Does Matter.

Our ability to help people will be dependent on us banding together as a COMMUNITY to keep this going. We will need to start out small first, but if successful, we will expand to help others in need. We are a registered 501c3, are 100% volunteer (there are no salaries) and our board of directors have covered all expenses personally to launch this charity, so all money goes to the cause.

Southport Cares -- A New Intent

CONQUER Coronavirus Update 4/3/20 – Southport Cares is taking some initial steps to help businesses and people in town impacted by the Coronavirus. Our strategy is two-fold:

  • Donating gift cards to businesses and employees in need – We are donating gift cards for food and other essentials to different business groups in town that have either had to shut down or are heavily impacted in terms of loss of business. We have started with salons and barber shops and will look for other businesses impacted in our City of Southport in future phases. Our ability to expand will depend on donations that we receive from the community. Remember that every dollar donated goes 100% to the cause.
  • We are purchasing food gift cards from local restaurants to support them and giving those gift cards to the businesses and employees in need.

If you are an individual, business, church or other organization and want to donate money or gift cards, please see our “How You Can Help” section below or contact us through the form below or email us

If you are a business with a retail location within Southport that has had to close or if you have been significantly impacted and want to be considered for future donations, please use the contact form below or email

We are learning as we go, so we appreciate your patience as we try to best understand who needs our help most and as we try to raise donations to keep this going as long as we can to help our local community. NEIGHBORS HELPING NEIGHBORS.


Contact Now: CONQUER COVID19
If you have resources available to help a local business in need please fill out this form and we will reach out with further instructions to help keep our hardest hit community members on their feet at this difficult time.

General Financial Donations

You can donate here through PayPal or send a check to Southport Cares.
Please let us know if you want to donate towards a specific business in need (see our ongoing list of participating businesses in need) who we are coordinating directly with to ensure money is being properly distributed and used.

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