Stories of Hope

Natural disasters can do a really funny thing to a community. They remind us that helping each other is the most important thing we can do.

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Coming Together After a Disaster

Natural disasters can do a really funny thing to a community. They can beat us down, flood our streets, knock out our power…but they also breathe ferocity and strength into everyone. They remind a group of people that at the end of the day, sometimes even the weather has it out for you, and standing by your neighbors and your friends and your community is the most important thing you can do.

When Hurricane Isaias hit our community, it rocked us pretty hard. I think a great many of us were scared and worried about what came next. Off The Hook Yacht Sales (based in Wilmington and with an office in Southport) didn’t waste any time to set up a fundraising effort and GoFundMe page for the Southport community. Yesterday Chris Maynor of Off the Hook Yacht Sales presented a check to Southport Cares for over $1500! 

These funds allowed us to help 15 families last week as well as make a donation to Oak Island Water Rescue. Oak Island Water Rescue is a non-profit volunteer emergency response team dedicated to aiding swimmers and boaters in distress. They have helped save so many lives through prevention warnings and rescue operations, so the opportunity to share in the good we were given was a joy.

We are thankful for organizations like Off the Hook Yacht Sales that are passionate about helping people in our community when they need us the most, and we strive to walk alongside them and offer that help to everyone in Southport.

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