About Southport Cares

Working Together To Give Back

As first responders, we see the needs of our neighbors every day. We see the heartache, the trauma, the struggle, but we also get a unique look at a silver lining in the worst situations: the community coming together to help.

Southport Cares was founded in January 2020 to do more for our community–to bring everyone together during challenging times. No one can plan for life-altering emergencies. All we can do is give what we can to those who are living through them. Southport Cares is here for the folks who need the most support after the sirens turn off. Because we know an emergency doesn’t end when the call is done. We work to bring the Southport community together to help our neighbors get back on their feet.

Together we can solve so many problems by serving and giving back to the community. We can lift up those who are down and they will raise us up in return. Imagine a place where nobody faces challenges alone because their community is there to keep them from falling. We aim to make Southport North Carolina that place.

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