Because community matters


Our mission is to assist the victims and citizens in need that we come across through police, fire or medical calls, or in the delivery of our duties and services. Our mission is also to come together as a community to let the victims know we are there for them in times of need.



As police, fire and EMS first responders, we encounter people in need every day. We see victims of accidents, crimes, fires, medical emergencies, or simply come across people down on their luck or struggling to get back on their feet. We do everything we can to help these people when we respond on calls, but we also realized that when we clear or finish at a scene, it can just be the beginning of a long and challenging journey to recovery for these individuals and their families.

We created Southport Cares to come together as a community (first responders and other volunteers) to help these victims and citizens get back on their feet, and let them know that they are not alone – that they are supported by the people in our Community. 


Our police officers, firefighters and medics have been trained to be on the lookout for people in need in the community. Some of these people may be easy to identify (ex. Victim of a crime or motor vehicle accident, victims of a fire, etc.) but sometimes we may be able to see needs by being on the lookout for other signs such as utilities shut off, lack of food or other unsafe conditions.

Our organization works with the first responders to assess the need and try to provide some type of assistance that will help that individual or family out. This help can include such things as:

  • Assistance with food, clothing etc
  • Assistance for temporary shelter
  • Assistance with utilities or other essential items
  • Handicap ramps or other accessories for those in need



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